Social Shopping App Features

Make shopping at your site easy and fun for shopping pals.

Group discount features you've been waiting on.
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Choose your products

Choose as many products as you like for timed, group sales opportunities.

Add Group buy button

Easily identify the Truupit-eligible items with a custom logo or symbol.

set your discount

Select the discount level for the products in your designated Truupit.

set number of shoppers

Choose the number of shoppers (2 - 10) required to activate the discount.

Schedule your sales

Set the dates and times for your active sales.


Launch the campaign.

Get Paid

Receive payments through the Shopify payments.

Manage Your Campaigns

Use our custom tools to set the length of your campaign.

Reach Your Customer's Friends

Double your marketing efficiency by having your customer's reach out to their friends about your store.

Expand Your Shopify Features

Offer better deals for your customers through deals on Shopify.