Truupit is here!
Shop. Share. Save.


Select  items on your favorite Shopify stores. 


After purchase, send a custom link to friends and family.


They buy, too and everyone saves up to 25%

How it works

It’s easy to create a with your friends. Save up to 25% off on select products when everyone purchases any Truupit eligible products from a Shopify store within the allotted time.
Choose a truupit item

Add Truupit-eligible items from a Shopify store to your cart.

Check out

Checkout through Truupit.

SHARE link with friends

Share the personal referral link with your friends and family.


Get the minimum buyers in your truup for ANY items(s) at this merchant within the time limit.

Everyone Saves!

Everyone receives the Truup discount!

Choose awesome products from  fabulous Shopify stores

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Truup?

A Truup is a private group of 2 (two) or more shoppers.

How many people can join my Truup?

Share your Truup link with as many shoppers as you like.

What is TruupTime?

After you launch a Truup, you and your group have up to 24 hours to make your purchases.

Do we have to buy the same items?

No. Choose any Truupit-eligible item from the store’s selection.

How do I know Truupit is secure?

Truupit uses the latest technology to secure each purchase.

Will Truupit share my information?

Truupit will not share your personal information without your consent.